关于英语的名言名句(关于英语的名言名句带翻译)  第1张




  1 The secret of success is constancy to purpose.成功的秘诀在于对目标的忠实。

  2 Sow nothing, reap nothing.春不播,秋不收。

  3 Keep on going never give up.勇往直前, 决不放弃!

  4 The wealth of the mind is the only wealth.精神的财富是唯一的财富。

  5 Never say die.永不气馁!

  6 Nurture passes nature.教养胜过天性。

  7 There is no garden without its weeds.没有不长杂草的花园。

  8 The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.对明天做好的准备就是今天做到最好!

  9 The reason why a great man is great is that he resolves to be a great man.伟人之所以伟大,是因为他立志要成为伟大的人。

  10 Suffering is the most powerful teacher of life.苦难是人生最伟大的老师。

  11 Adversity is a good discipline.苦难是磨练人的好机会。

  12 A man can't ride your back unless it is bent.你的腰不弯,别人就不能骑在你的背上。

  13 Although again sweet candy, also has a bitter day.即使再甜的糖,也有苦的一天。

  14 Sharp tools make good work.工欲善其事,必先利其器。

  15 Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow.今日事今日毕!

  16 Wasting time is robbing oneself.浪费时间就是掠夺自己。

  17 The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.世界上对勇气的最大考验是忍受失败而不丧失信心。

  18 A man's best friends are his ten fingers.人最好的朋友是自己的十个手指。

  19 Only they who fulfill their duties in everyday matters will fulfill them on great occasions.只有在日常生活中尽责的人才会在重大时刻尽责。

  20 The shortest way to do many things is to only one thing at a time.做许多事情的捷径就是一次只做一件事。

  21 There's only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving, and that's your own self.这个宇宙中只有一个角落你肯定可以改进,那就是你自己。

  22 The first step is as good as half over.第一步是最关键的一步。

  23 Do one thing at a time, and do well.一次只做一件事,做到最好!

  24 Believe that god is fair.相信上帝是公平的。

  25 Wealth is the test of a man's character.财富是对一个人品格的试金石。

  26 The best hearts are always the bravest.心灵最高尚的人,也总是最勇敢的`人。

  27 Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.如果你想要成功,不要去追求成功;尽管做你自己热爱的事情并且相信它,成功自然到来。

  28 All things come to those who wait.苍天不负有心人。

  29 Victory won''t come to me unless I go to it.胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

  30 A man is not old as long as he is seeking something. A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.只要一个人还有追求,他就没有老。直到后悔取代了梦想,一个人才算老。

  31 While there is life there is hope.一息若存,希望不灭。

  32 I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards.我走得很慢,但是我从来不会后退。

  33 Cease to struggle and you cease to live. 生命不止,奋斗不息。

  34 Never underestimate your power to change yourself!永远不要低估你改变自我的能力!

  35 Nothing is impossible!没有什么不可能!

  36 Do what you say,say what you do.做你说过的,说你能做的。

  37 The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ".凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。

  38 Live a noble and honest life. Reviving past times in your old age will help you to enjoy your life again.过一种高尚而诚实的生活。当你年老时回想起过去,你就能再一次享受人生。

  39 You have to believe in yourself . That''s the secret of success.人必须相信自己,这是成功的秘诀。

  40 If you fail, don't forget to learn your lesson.如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训。

  41 You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future. Once time is wasted, life is wasted.你不能改变你的过去,但你可以让你的未来变得更美好。一旦时间浪费了,生命就浪费了。

  42 There is but one secret to sucess---never give up!成功只有一个秘诀--永不放弃!

  43 For man is man and master of his fate.人就是人,是自己命运的主人。

  44 What makes life dreary is the want of motive.没有了目的,生活便郁闷无光。

  45 Difficult circumstances serve as a textbook of life for people.困难坎坷是人们的生活教科书。

  46 Gods determine what you're going to be.人生的奋斗目标决定你将成为怎样的人。

  47 Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.生活没有目标,犹如航海没有罗盘。

  48 All things in their being are good for something.天生我才必有用。

  49 The good seaman is known in bad weather.惊涛骇浪,方显英雄本色。

  50 When all else is lost the future still remains.就是失去了一切别的,也还有未来。

  51 今天就是生命,是唯一你能确知的生命。——列夫·托尔斯泰

  "Today is life, is the only thing you can ascertain life. - Leo Tolstoy "

  52 松驰的琴弦,永远奏不出美妙的乐曲。

  "Loose strings, not always playing wonderful music. "

  53 谁要是游戏人生,他就一事无成;谁不能主宰自己,永远是一个奴隶。——歌德

  "Who is the game of life, he would accomplish nothing; who can not master of its own, will always be a slave. - Goethe "

  54 我从不把安逸和快乐看作是生活的本身--这种伦理基础,我叫它猪栏的理想。——爱因斯坦

  "I never looked upon ease and happiness as life itself - this ethical basis, I call it the ideal pigsty. - Albert Einstein "

  55 不论是狮子还是羚羊,都要奔跑;不论是贫穷还是富有,都要去奋斗。

  "Whether a lion or gazelle, should run; whether poor or rich, should go struggle. "

  56 走自己的路,让别人说去吧

  "Go its own way, let others say! - Dante Source: famous (www.geyanw.com) "

  57 太阳有时也失约,黑夜却每天必来。

  "The sun is sometimes done it, but every day to night. "

  58 人生是各种不同的变故循环不已的痛苦和欢乐组成的。那种永远不变的蓝天只存在于心灵中间,向现实的人生去要求未免是奢望。——巴尔扎克

  Life is a cycle of endless variety of misfortune composed of pain and joy. Kind of eternal blue sky exists only in the middle of the mind to the reality of life to demand too is wishful thinking. - Balzac

  59 一个人做点好事并不难,难的是一辈子做好事,不做坏事。——毛泽东

  "A person to do something good, but not easy to do good is my life, do not do bad things. - Mao Zedong "

  60 "富贵不淫贫贱乐,男儿到此是豪雄。——程颢"

  "Wealth is not obscene rank music, man this is Haoxiong. - Cheng Hao "

  61 春天,不是季节,而是内心;云水,不是景色,而是襟怀。

  "Spring is not the season, but the heart; cloud water, not the scenery, but open-minded. "

  62 很多时候人们不是因为失败而烦恼,而是因为失败之后找不到任何借口而烦恼。

  "Many times people fail not because of worry, but they can not find any excuse to worry about after the failure. "

  63 人们所努力追求的庸俗的目标--我总觉得都是可鄙的。——爱因斯坦

  Vulgar objects of human efforts - I always think that is despicable. - Albert Einstein

  64 不要试图给你的生命增加时间,而要给你的时间赋予生命。

  "Do not try to increase the time of your life, and give you time to life. "

  65 在命运的颠沛中,最可以看出人们的气节。——莎士比亚

  "In Dianpei fate, the most you can see people's integrity. - Shakespeare "

  66 假如生活欺骗了你,不要心焦,也不要烦恼。阴郁的日子里要心平气和,相信吧,那快乐的日子就来到。——普希金

  "If life deceive you, do not anxious, do not worry. To calm gloomy day, I believe it, that happy day came. - Pushkin "

  67 希望是厄运的忠实的姐妹。——普希金

  Hope is doom faithful sisters. - Pushkin

  68 勤劳远比黄金可贵。——萨迪

  Industrious valuable than gold. - Sadi

  69 生命不在于长短,而在于活得有意义。

  "Not the length of life, but rather life meaningful. "

  70 好听的话容易打动人,好心的话容易得罪人。

  "Nice words easy to impress people, well-intentioned words easy to offend people. "

  71 努力学习,勤奋工作,让青春更加光彩。——王光美

  "Study hard, work hard, make youth more glory. - Wang Guangmei "

  72 挫折经历的太少,所以总是把一些琐碎的小事看得很重。

  "Frustration experienced by little, so I always put some small things very seriously. "

  73 把拳头收回来是为了更有力地还击。

  Fist come back to more effectively fight back.

  74 我们应当努力奋斗,有所作为。这样,我们就可以说,我们没有虚度年华,并有可能在时间的沙滩。

  "We should strive to make a difference. Thus, we can say that we have not wasted years, and possibly in the sands of time. "

  75 自以为聪明的人往往是没有好下场的。世界上最聪明的人是最老实的人,因为只有老实人才能经得起事实和历史的考验。——周恩来

  "Since that smart people tend to no good end. The world's most intelligent people are the most honest people, because only honest people can stand the test of facts and history. - Zhou Enlai "

  76 小时候觉得父亲不简单,后来觉得自己不简单,再后来觉得孩子不简单。

  "Father of a child that is not simple, but then I own simple, and then later that the child is not simple. "

  77 自己活着,就是为了使别人活得更美好。——雷锋

  "Myself, just to make others live better. - Lei Feng "

  78 最清晰的脚印是留在最泥泞的路上的。

  The most clear footprints are left in the muddy road.

  79 辛勤的蜜蜂永没有时间悲哀。——布莱克

  Bees never did hard time sad. - Black

  80 每个人的一生都会后悔,有的人是因为没有付出,有的人却是因为没有珍惜。

  "Each person's life will regret it, because some people do not pay, and some people do not cherish because it is. "

  81 我们不得不饮食睡眠游惰恋爱,也就是说,我们不得不接触生活中最甜蜜的事情:不过我们必须不屈服于这些事物……——约里奥.居里

  "We had to sleep swim diet idler love, that is, we have to contact the sweetest thing in life: But we must not succumb to these things ...... - Joliot. Curie "

  82 人生就像一场舞会,教会你最初舞步的人却未必能陪你走到散场。

  "Life is like a dance, original dance man teach you may not be able to accompany you come to finish. "

  83 "即使我们是一支蜡烛也应该""蜡烛成灰泪始干""即使我们只是一根火柴也要在关键时刻有一次闪耀即使我们死后尸骨都腐烂了解也要变成磷火在荒野中燃烧。——艾青"

  "Even though we are a candle should ""candle ashes tears dry"" Even if we only have a match at the crucial moment to shine once the bones are rotten, even if we understand death should become a wildfire burning in the wilderness. - Ai Qing "

  84 人生的价值,并不是用时间,而是用深度去衡量的。——列夫·托尔斯泰

  "The value of life, not with time, but with the depth to be measured. - Leo Tolstoy "

  85 要有积极的人生态度,不要受了点挫折就想不开,人生最尊贵者莫过于生。——方海权

  "Have a positive attitude towards life, do not take things too hard and had suffered setbacks in life than most honored students. - Fang Sea Power "

  86 把人生一分为二,前半生不犹豫,后半生不后悔。

  "Put life into two parts, the first half does not hesitate, do not regret it later in life. "

  87 生,亦我所欲也;义,亦我所欲也:二者不可得兼,舍生而取义者也。——孟轲

  "Students, but also my objectives; justice, but also my objectives: both can not have both, sacrifice and justice also. - Meng Ke "

  88 质朴却比巧妙的言辞更能打动我的心。——莎士比亚

  Rustic than clever words touched my heart. - Shakespeare

  89 无论做什么事情,只要肯努力奋斗,是没有不成功的。——牛顿

  "Whatever you do, if you work hard struggle, there is no unsuccessful. - Newton "

  90 人生是一种无法抗拒的前进。

  Life is an irresistible forward.

  91 有时候,垃圾只是放错位置的人才。

  "Sometimes, people just put rubbish in the wrong position. "

  92 生活是欺骗不了的,一个人要生活得光明磊落。——冯雪峰

  "Life is not deception, a man who wants to live honorably. - Feng Xuefeng "

  93 有些人因为贪婪,想得更多的东西,却把现在所有的也失掉了。——伊索

  "Some people because of greed, want to get something more, yet now all have lost. - Aesop "

  94 人生意义的大小,不在乎外界的变迁,而在乎内心的经验。

  "The size of the meaning of life, the changes do not care about the outside world, and care about the inner experience. "

  95 想哭就哭,想笑就笑,不要因为世界虚伪,你也变得虚伪了。

  "Cry Laugh, not because the world is hypocritical, you become hypocritical. "

  96 人的生命,似洪水奔流,不遇着岛屿和暗礁,难以激起美丽的浪花。——亚历山大·尼古拉耶维奇·奥斯特洛夫斯基

  "Human life, like flood waters and do not hear of islands and reefs, it is difficult to create beautiful waves. - Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky "

  97 无论乌鸦怎样用孔雀的羽毛来装饰自己,乌鸦毕竟是乌鸦。——斯大林

  "No matter how crow with peacock feathers to adorn themselves, after all, is a crow crows. - Stalin "

  98 现实是此岸,理想是彼岸,中间隔着湍急的河流,行动则是架在河上的桥梁。——克雷洛夫

  "The reality is that this shore, the ideal is the other side, separated by fast flowing rivers, action is to stand on the river bridge. - Krylov "

  99 判断一个人,不是根据他自己的表白或对自己的看法,而是根据他的行动。——列宁

  "Judge a person, not according to his own confession, or for their own views, but according to his actions. - Lenin "

  100 人生最大的悲哀不是失去太多,而是计较太多,这也是导致一个人不快乐的重要原因。

  "The greatest tragedy in life is not to lose too much, but care too much, which is leading an important reason people are not happy."



It is never too late to learn. (活到老,学到老。)

Nothing down, nothing up. (无下则无上。/不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹?)

Today must borrow nothing of tomorrow. (今日事今日毕。)

Sharp tools make good work.(工欲善其事必先利其器)

A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.(海内存知己,天涯若比邻)

Sow nothing, reap nothing.春不播,秋不收。

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.对明天做好的准备就是今天做到最好!

Suffering is the most powerful teacher of life.苦难是人生最伟大的老师。

All things in their being are good for something.天生我才必有用。

Cease to struggle and you cease to live. 生命不止,奋斗不息。